Yaiba: A Legendary Swordsman?

image source: myanimelist.com

image source: myanimelist.com

We are now in the digital age, when a person would want to watch an anime they can usually do it online. Now of course whether they pay for it or watch it for free is up to them. We say this because one of the rarest anime series to find is Kenyuu Densetsu Yaiba or simply called as Yaiba. The series is rare because even up to now there are no complete versions that have an English sub. There are those in raw and unsubbed but there isn’t a complete series up to date. We’re not saying that its the best anime but its not a bad one and its actually fun to watch. Yaiba is based off the manga that was published from 1988 until 1993 with over 24 volumes. The anime came in 1993 until 1994 running for 52 episodes.

The plot of the series involves a young samurai in training named Kurogane Yaiba. He grew up in the mountains being trained by his father. Yaiba is then sent to the city to their family friend the Mine Dojo where he can learn more about being a samurai. Yaiba later encounters a high school boy named Takeshi Onimaru. Takeshi is a skilled kenjutsu user and for no reason they start fighting. Yaiba has an interest with Takeshi because of how strong he is. They later have another fight which nearly breaks both of them. Takeshi later discovers the sword of the Devil Wind which is possessed by a demonic deity. Takeshi armed with the Devil Wind attacks Yaiba and the latter retreats. Yaiba learns that the only way to fight the sword of the Devil Wind, he must obtain the sword of the Thunder God. He manages to do so but trains under the legendary Miyamoto Musashi who is now 400 years old in the series. After a series of enemies sent by Takeshi, the two make a final confrontation. After their first serious fight, the sword of the Devil Wind gets broken and Yaiba loses the sphere of the Thunder God which powers the sword.

The latter half of the series continues the story pretty much and the series has a solid ending despite not all of the manga being adapted into the anime. The series itself has a nice mixture of genres. It has action, comedy, fantasy and a lot of other sub-genres. If you really want to watch this series today then chances are you would be able to see incomplete translations. If you can understand Japanese then that’s fine since unsubbed versions are usually complete if you know where to find them.

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