Weird Science: Creating A Life Coach

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Back in the 80’s a lot of movies involved music, cheesy action, science fiction and a whole lot of comedy. Now of course mixing and matching science fiction and comedy will give us a lot of movies and one of them is Weird Science. The movie was released in 1985. It had a budget of $7 million and made over $38 million so in a way it was a success. In terms of star power the movie doesn’t have a lot of it. The only notable actor was Bill Paxton and he plays a minor role. The movie also stars a young Robert Downey Jr. but his role is also as a side character and the other thing is that this was 1985 so he hasn’t achieved the level of star power that he has now.

The movie stars Anthony Michael Hall as Gary Wallace and Ilan Mitchell-Smith as Wyatt Donnelly. These two are your regular teen boys passing through high school. They encounter their crushes Deb and Hilly. Unfortunately their boyfriends and Max and Ian with the latter being played by Downey embarrasses Gary and Wyatt by pouring a drink over them. The two head home and wonder what will happen with their life. They get depressed after not scoring with their beloved ladies. In the weekend, Wyatt’s parents leave so the two just hang out at home. Wyatt’s older brother Chet bullies him for some money.

The two later decide to do some weird experiment where they think of making a girl inspired after watching a Frankenstein movie. After some modifications and electrical process, surprisingly the doll that they plugged those machines in created a full grown woman who they named Lisa. Lisa acts in good intention and even though the boys have some naughty intentions with her, they haven’t pulled it off. Lisa finds out that the boys need to develop a backbone. They are too kind and they let people step over them. Lisa concocts a plan to throw a party to ensure the boys get better.

The movie ends with Lisa feeling that her job is done as both Wyatt and Gary has seemingly become men. Lisa later appears at another school as a gym teacher wearing some sexy outfit trying to whip some boys into shape. Weird Science was indeed a weird movie to say the least. We got two teenage boys without any science background or even the right equipment make a real life woman from a doll. the movie has its good moments for laughs but this one is one of the weaker movies from the director John Hughes who has made numerous successful and popular teen movies in the 1980’s.

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