Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

image source: en.wikipedia.org

image source: en.wikipedia.org

The first Power Rangers movie did well enough so one would think that another would be made. It only took them two years to come with a follow up with Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie or just Turbo Power Rangers Movie. The movie was released in March of 1997 with a budget of $9.6 million. It isn’t really clear how much it made back but it wasn’t as impressive compared to the first movie. The interesting part is that the Turbo Power Rangers Movie serves as a prequel to fifth season of Power Rangers which was of course Power Rangers Turbo. The events take place after Zeo and before Turbo so if you haven’t seen the movie then you’d be confused of what happened.

The movie begins with a wizard named Lerigot being chased by a space pirate named Divatox. Her objective is to find the key that will unseal the prison to a creature called Maligore who she plans on marrying to gain a strong power source. Divatox manages to get this key and goes to Earth but Lerigot is ahead of her. In Angel Grove we see that the Rangers Rocky and Adam are preparing for a charity fight to save the Youth Shelter. Rocky is injured during the fight so when the Rangers find out that Divatox is up to no good, he is out of action.

Speaking of Divatox, she manages to defeat the Rangers and their powers aren’t enough to get rid of her. Zordon and Alpha 5 provides the Rangers with a new power source. This is where the Turbo Rangers power come in as they are based off special cars. Rocky unable to come back into action is replaced by a new Ranger being Justin who would go on to be the Blue Ranger in season 5. Now as always, the Rangers have to deal with Divatox with this new found power. Unfortunately Maligore is revived and the Rangers have to deal with him now.

They manage to do so in the process with the climactic Zord battle in the end. Turbo Power Rangers movie was just alright so to speak. It wasn’t as good as the 1995 movie and it had more criticisms to it sadly. It still holds a good place for those that watched it and were fans of the show at the time.In a sense it was a bit cheesy and unrealistic but that’s what the show is. It doesn’t also help that a lot of the original cast were no longer there so that’s one thing. It would take another 20 years for a Power Rangers movie to be made.

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