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The wild west is a very harsh place to be. It is mostly sand, despair and bandits. Then again people have to survive in some way so naturally a manga and anime series would come around using the wild west. The series we are talking about is Trigun. The series first came in manga published from 1995 until 1997 running for 3 volumes. Another manga followed it called Trigun Maximum running from 1997 until 2007 which published for 14 volumes. The anime came from April until September of 1998 running for 26 episodes.

Prior to the main storyline, it is unclear as to what happened to the Earth. Numerous ships were orbiting through as those ships contained hibernating humans. The objective of the crew was to find a suitable planet that they can live on. Two of the passengers were boys named Vash and Knives. They had seemingly the ability to make a better world for the humans. One thing led to another and the ships crash landed into the Planet Gunsmoke which is a planet filled with sand and vast deserts. Vash and Knives separated ways after years of staying on the planet.

Now the main story begins with our main hero Vash the Stampede being a wanted man. He currently has a bounty of $$ 60 billion on his head having the title of being the Humanoid Typhoon. He maintains a low profile by acting a bit goofy so no one would suspect that he is the wanted man because most people would think that the actual Vash the Stampede is heartless, cunning and bloodthirsty. Vash is being followed by two women from an insurance company that wants to protect their investments due to insurance claims from the Humanoid Typhoon. The two women namely Meryl and Milly follow Vash and his escapades but they usually separate in some occasions.

Vash is searching for Knives as the latter has been up to something. Knives being the evil guy that he is sends his minions the Gung Ho Guns to kill Vash knowing that he will take them out. Knives’ goal is to get Vash to kill people again. Vash hasn’t been killing for a long time and he uses his guns saving people along the way. The series progresses with Vash getting attacked by members of the Gung Ho Gun. Vash simply fights them off until the part where he encounters Legato Bluesummers. Vash kills him off but he is forced to do so. Later on in the final battle against Knives, Vash manages to pull off the save and continues his journey.

Trigun utilizes the whole wild west and cowboy elements to it. We got bandits, gunmen and classic western clothing mixed with some steampunk elements. While the anime is based off the manga, there were parts that were altered. There were some characters omitted and some of the content were censored and change as well as not being included at all. Vash himself displays a classic anime character stereotype where they don’t want to kill but would save people to do so.

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