Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

image source: imdb.com

image source: imdb.com

The Terminator series as of the early 2000’s was an embodiment of what a movie trilogy usually is. It had a good first movie, a fantastic and better second movie and took a slight dive in the third movie. People were wondering what would be next for the series since James Cameron no longer held the rights to the movies. People speculated of a reboot, a new series of movies or something. What came next was a TV show. It was indeed an adventurous gamble but the Terminator series is something where you can build a lot of stories. The show was called Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles. The show aired from January of 2008 until April of 2009. The show had a total of 2 seasons with 31 episodes all in all. It stars Lena Headey as Sarah Connor and Thomas Dekker as John Connor. We also have Summer Glau playing Cameron Philips a female T-800 model Terminator acting as John’s guardian.

Before we get to the plot it is important to note that this is not a part of the main timeline. According to some, Terminator ended with Terminator 2 since 3 wasn’t made by James Cameron. In fact in the Sarah Connor Chronicles, the events of Terminator 3 never took place. Think of it as an alternate story or timeline. This show does take place after the events of Terminator 2. We have Sarah and John still in hiding but has to pursue their normal lives.

The year is 1999 so basically two years after the alleged 1997 Judgement Day which they had prevented. John is going to the first day of school. He meets a girl named Cameron where they just become good friends. We then find out that John’s substitute teacher is a Terminator that tries to kill him. Cameron appears to save John and turns out that she is also a Terminator but was sent by the John Connor from the future to protect the younger John. Sarah is horrified that the machines will keep coming for John so they go into hiding again.

The show is called Sarah Connor Chronicles so the good thing is that focuses mostly on her. It focuses on her growth and how she tutors John in preparing him for his role in the future. In terms of the quality of the show, it wasn’t really that bad but nothing too special. If it didn’t had the Terminator name on it, then it would have been just a regular show. The show got cancelled as it suffered from poor ratings unfortunately. Plus a lot of people didn’t even know this show existed.

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