Terminator Salvation: Future War

image source: en.wikipedia.org

image source: en.wikipedia.org

The Terminator series has been considered as one of the best movie trilogies around. Even though Terminator 3 was kind of below 2, it was still a good trilogy none the less. People wondered what would be next for the series especially now that it wasn’t under James Cameron’s hands. People were speculating until we got the announcement of the Sarah Connor Chronicles TV show and the fourth movie which would be Terminator Salvation. The TV show ended in April of 2009 and the movie would be released of May of the same year. It had a budget of $200 million but made only $371 million. Comparing it to the older movies, it had the least amount of earnings which is unfortunate. The movie stars Christian Bale as John Connor as well as a plethora of other actors.

The plot of Terminator Salvation takes place in 2018 but we see a sequence in 2003 where a man named Marcus Wright was being interrogated where they wanted his body for experiments after he died. We no head to 2018 where John Connor is business as usual. He is leading an assault to one of Skynet’s bases. He later discovers that there are plans of a new model of T-800. These one had the look of actual people and had actual skin like people making them hard to detect. Upon returning to base they find out that humans are being held captive and they have to save them.

Back at the Skynet base that Connor and the others destroyed, a person looking like Wright emerges and starts walking to the city. It turns out that this person is a Terminator hybrid bearing the look and memories of Wright. In the meantime, John is preparing for his attack and save the people. He later encounters the Wright Terminator. After a fight between them, John is convinced that Wright is still human for the most part. Regardless, Wright decides to help John and the Resistance. After the final battle, John is injured severely with his heart. In order to save him, Wright offers his own artificial heart to save John but this in turn kills Wright.

Terminator Salvation was just an okay movie. Unfortunately it fell short in delivering the content. A lot of the criticism were that the story was just as robotic as the Terminators. It is an interesting take in the series where the movie takes place in the future instead of the time travelling aspect. Arnold Schwarzenegger may not have appeared but a CGI version of his as the new T-800 model appears which of course has his blessing. By this time, the Terminator series is a bit stale but what could be next?

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