Terminator: He’ll Be Back

image source: en.wikipedia.org

image source: en.wikipedia.org

The Terminator franchise a classic and a popular series in the world of science fiction. There are currently 5 movies under its name and a TV series that most people probably didn’t even know about. However our journey begins with the very first movie simply called Terminator. The movie was released in October of 1984. It had a budget of $6 million and made over $78 million. The movie was directed by James Cameron and starred a young Arnold Schwarzenegger. It is a science fiction movie mixed with action and suspense.

We find out that in the year 2029, the machines have taken over. The computer from Skynet has nearly killed off most people during that time except for a few that are still rebelling against them. The resistance is being led by a man named John Connor. The machines devise a plan to stop this by sending a T-800 Model 101 Terminator back to 1984. This Terminator played by Schwarzenegger has the assignment of killing a woman by the name of Sarah Connor. Basically Sarah Connor is the mother of John Connor. The machines believe that if this Sarah is killed then John will not be born hence the Resistance will crumble. However the Resistance hears of this and sends one of their own in the form of Kyle Reese to get rid of the Terminator and protect Sarah at all cost.

We now head to 1984 Los Angeles where the Terminator is on the move. Kyle doesn’t have it as easy as he is being hunted down by the police and is eventually captured. Meanwhile, Sarah is confused at a series of crimes involving women named Sarah Connors being killed. Basically the Terminator is killing them all off just to be sure. In the police station, ┬áthe Terminator attacks to kill Sarah who is there with Kyle. The two of them escape while barely damaging the Terminator. In the end, Sarah accepts her fate and believes everything Kyle told her.

In the final battle of the movie, Kyle barely manages to defeat the Terminator but Sarah helps him by activating the hydraulic press that crushes the Terminator. We see in the end that Kyle has passed away and Sarah now pregnant is heading off to Mexico to give birth to John. She contemplates leaving the audio recordings telling him that Kyle is his father. The first Terminator movie was considered a hit. It had a combination of good elements to it. The suspense was there as we see the Terminator killing off people. The thing about the Terminator series is that instead of milking the franchise, it took them seven years to make a sequel and it was just as good or even better.

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