Terminator Genysis: A Reboot In Time

image source: en.wikipedia.org

image source: en.wikipedia.org

The last Terminator movie was Salvation. That didn’t do quite well when it comes to the quality. It would take 6 years before the next Terminator movie to be released. The movie we are talking about is Terminator Genysis. The movie was released in July of 2015. It had a budget of $155 million and made over $440 million. This movie is still not under James Cameron but Arnold makes a comeback again as the T-800. The other actors include Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor, Jason Clarke as John Connor and Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese.

The movie begins in the future where John Connor finds out that a Terminator was sent back to kill his mother. They manage to secure a time machine of their own and decide to send Kyle Reese. Before he is sent back to the past, he sees one of the Resistance members killing John. Back in 1984, we see the events of Terminator 1 where the first T-800 is seen appearing. We then see another T-800 appearing but from the shadows and killing the T-800 that appeared. John arrives in the past and we see another Terminator appearing and this its the model T-1000 which is the enemy from Terminator 2 capable of turning into liquid. This time John is saved by Sarah and the other Terminator being called Pops. It turns out that Pops was sent back to when Sarah was younger. Pops prepared Sarah for her destiny and they decide to use a Time Machine to go to 1997 when Judgement Day would begin.

Kyle insists that they should go to 2017 as he has memories of Skynet activating that year. Kyle’s guess turns out to be true and they reunite with Pops in the year 2017. The twist her now is that John is still alive but here is the bigger twist. It turns out that John was killed in the future and his body has been reanimated as a Terminator. He is basically the main villain of the movie and is entrusted to launch Skynet which is now called Genysis.

Long story short the trio of Pops, Sarah and Kyle fight the launch of Genysis. They manage to do so and we see in the end that the trio talks to younger Kyle about what his future will hold. We then see that the core of Genysis has survived the blast so we can probably expect another movie. Terminator Genysis can be described in one word and that is a mess. One of the main complaints was that the timeline was already convoluted. The appearance of multiple Terminators in different time periods drives the confusion even more. If there wasn’t a previous movie then it wouldn’t be as confusing but overall Terminator Genysis is just okay but still a mess.


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