Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines

image source: en.wikipedia.org

image source: en.wikipedia.org

Terminator 2: Judgement Day was dubbed as one of the best movie sequels ever. It still holds that title today but of course they would release a third movie and that being Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. The movie would be released 12 years after Terminator in July of 2003. Terminator 3 had a budget of $187 million and made over $433 million. Arnold Schwarzenegger comes back for a third time as another T-800 model. The villain being the new model T-X Terminator is played by Kristanna Loken. The other actors are Claire Danes and Nick Stahl as an older John Connor. Two interesting notes is that James Cameron has nothing to do with this movie unfortunately and the actor that played John Connor in Terminator 2 was asked to play the older John but didn’t make it due to some personal problems.

Terminator 3 takes place in 2003. Judgement Day in 1997 has been averted due to the events of Terminator 2. John Connor now an adult is living in Los Angeles but not really that well. One could say that he has seen better days and we also find out that Sarah Connor has since died due to cancer sometime before. We then see the new model Terminator the T-X. The qualities of this Terminator is that it has the look of a woman and has built in weapons that come in and out at will.

John ends up in an animal hospital trying to steal some medicine and he encounters Kate played by Daines. The T-X arrives at the animal hospital and tries to kill Kate. After finding out that the woman is a Terminator, John wonders why it was out to kill Kate instead of him. They are later saved by T-800 who was a new Terminator sent by the Resistance. Apparently since the machines could not locate John in 2003, they sent their Terminator to kill the founding members of the Resistance and one of them is Kate.

After some explanations and progress, Kate believes everything and they head out to the US Airforce Base where Skynet would be released. Unfortunately they are too late and the machines have gone up. Kate’s father sends her and John to the location where Skynet’s core is supposed to be. In the meantime the T-800 deals with the T-X once and for all. Upon arriving at the location, John and Kate realize that they are at a fallout shelter and they realize that they have to survive and found the Resistance as Judgement Day has already happened. Terminator 3 unfortunately fell short when compared to Terminator 2. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t up to par so to speak. A lot of the people were also not pleased that Cameron wasn’t involved in anyway. It still made money but it still solidified that most trilogies would end on a weak note.

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