Super Size Me: Fastfood For 30 Days

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People love eating at fastfood places. The places offer food at a fast paced and of course they are good. There are a lot of numerous and notable fastfood companies in the world. One underlying thing about fastfood items is that they can be a bit unhealthy. Keep in mind that these foods are usually fried, grilled and have a lot of cholesterol. Mc Donald’s is one of the biggest fastfood franchises in the world. In the US alone there are a thousand Mc Donald’s store and of course that doesn’t include those that are in other countries. In the early 2000’s there was a lawsuit against Mc Donald’s because the claimants say that because of them they are fat. It sounds ridiculous but there has been numerous strange lawsuits in the past.

In May of 2004, one movie documentary would spark a bit of an interest as to what would happen when you would eat Mc Donald’s for a month. The documentary is called Super Size Me. This documentary is made and stars Morgan Spurlock. The movie had a budget of $65,000 and had initial local runs which then made US theater releases and made over $22 million. Just as we mentioned this movie is about Spurlock doing an experiment where he only eats Mc Donald’s for the next 30 days. The title Super Size Me is a play on Mc Donald’s feature Super Size which is their largest size for fries and drinks.

We’re not going to get into the major details of the documentary so you can watch it. We’ll just point out important points about the movie. One thing is that Spurlock has people helping him like his vegetarian chef girlfriend during the period. He also consults doctors and medical experts before he goes on with the experiment. He is cleared to go and he even has good health prior to the experiment. He also has these experts help him during the experiment as he consults them for any disorders he may feel. One other thing is that he has a set of rules that he has to follow during this experiment and here they are in no specific order.

  • Spurlock will only eat Mc Donald’s food items three times a day namely for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It doesn’t matter if he eats more than three times but they all have to be Mc Donald’s food items.
  • Spurlock must also eat all the food items in the Mc Donald’s before the 30 day period ends. It doesn’t matter if he eats one item only once but he has to eat all the types in the menu ranging from the burgers, chicken, desserts and others.
  • He will only Super Size the meal if the server asks him. If they don’t ask him then he just takes the meal as it is as to the amount of food would vary.
  • He will also perform daily walking as he would normally do and minus any kind of exercise.

In terms of the results and findings of the experiment you have to find that out for yourself if you watch Super Size Me, or just do the experiment yourself.

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