Samurai 7: Come Together

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There is a popular Japanese story called the Seven Samurai. The story is basically about a group of villagers hiring seven samurai to help defend their lands from the bandits that abuse them. This story has been reiterated and used in several media even outside of Japan. The 2016 movie Magnificent Seven also inspired elements from this story. Now of course other media would include anime. A series called Samurai 7 aired from June until December of 2004 running for 26 episodes. The title itself already rings the story where we have seven samurais chosen to fight but more than just protecting villagers from bandits.

Prior to the main story, the world has been plunged into despair after a great war between samurais. In the main story we have the village of Kanna being tormented by the Nobuseri Bandits. These bandits were former samurais who have since transformed their bodies into robots. The elder of Kanna sends three of their people being Kirara her younger sister Komachi and Rikichi to recruit seven samurais to fight these bandits. The first samurai that the trio comes into contact with is Shimada Kanbei. Kanbei refuses at first but later agrees to help them. He recruits his old war buddy Shichiroji and a samurai entertainer named Gorobei. They also find out that they are being hunted by the empire since Kirara has captivated the heir apparent to the imperial throne. They later get two more samurais being Heihachi the technical genius and the young samurai Katsushiro.

One of the later samurais to join them was Kyuzo who was working for the empire. They finally get to the Kanna village and Kanbei decides that a robotic samurai traveling with them named Kikuchiyo becomes the seventh samurai. Just like the story, the seven samurais manage to defeat the bandits but suffers loses. The next part of the series has the empire focusing their attention on the samurais but mostly on Kirara. The remaining samurais now take on the empire but more than just to save Kirara but try to end it.

In the end of the series, most of the seven samurais died out. The empire has suffered a major blow losing their emperor and their heir apparent. Samurai 7 brings a different twist to the old story. The series takes place in a somewhat steampunk setting where we have machines and robots being around. The visuals are stunning in this series and the aesthetics are fine. Samurai 7 is a good series to watch as it isn’t so long and there is never a dull moment.

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