Sam Raimi’s Spider Man Trilogy Part 1

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We’ve previously discussed the success of the MCU but the superhero movie genre had its initial boom in the early 2000’s with movies like Fox’s X Men and of course the 2002 Spider Man by Sony. Spider Man is one of the most famous superheroes in the field and having his first live action movie was indeed a bold endeavor. The movie had $140 million in terms of the budget. The movie made over $ 800 million in the box office giving it a commercial and critical success. The movie was directed by Sam Raimi which blossomed into a trilogy. This specific trilogy was simply called Spider Man but people mostly referred to it as the Sam Raimi Spider Man trilogy as a reboot would happen in 2012 but we’re not talking about that for now. We’re going to take a look at the first movie and whatever hurdles it could have had.

The movie stars Tobey Maguire playing Peter Parker who is also Spider Man. Peter begins as your typical boy in high school. He is your typical geek, loser and punching bag in high school. That all changed when he went on a science field trip with his class. He got bitten by a radioactive spider. He started to change in his body and gained the abilities of a spider. These abilities being able to jump high, move fast, spin a web and have super strength. In the meantime our villain of the movie Norman Osborne experiments his chemicals on himself to save his company from going under. The experiment fails and Osborne has a split personality causing destruction called the Green Goblin.

Meanwhile Peter has embraced being a superhero becoming Spider Man after the death of his uncle Ben. While the city is divided into his vigilante actions, Spider Man does what he can to help the people until he encounters the Green Goblin. After their initial fight, the Green Goblins tries to convince Spider Man to join his side but the latter refuses leading to another battle. After this battle, Osborne finds out that Peter is Spider Man due to their scars. The Green Goblin later puts Peter’s aunt May in the hospital and they both prepare for their final battle.

Upon the Green Goblin’s defeat, Peter finds out that it was Norman Osborne. What seemed like Osborne taking control was merely a ruse by the Green Goblin. In an accident, Norman Osborne kills himself with his own Glider. The movie ends with Norman son’s Harry vowing to take revenge on Spider Man. Spider Man himself swings off to his next adventure or movie. The first Spider Man Raimi movie did very well. One of the things that gave it the success it had was the visuals. The fact that you could see Spider Man swinging from building to building was a visual treat. Naturally Sony would release a second movie and our look on it is through thisĀ link.

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