Resident Evil Extinction: Apocalypse Wasn’t Enough

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Resident Evil Apocalypse did pretty well although not really impressive but the success enough to warrant another movie in the series. In September of 2007 Resident Evil Extinction was released. The movie had a budget of $40 million and made over $147 million. The movie is still under the supervision of Paul W.S. Anderson and still stars Milla Jovovich as Alice. The movie stars several returning cast members from the Apocalypse movie like Oded Fehr as Carlos Olivera and Iain Glen as Dr. Sam Isaacs.

The movie begins with Alice waking up again in mansion from the first movie. She dresses up and explores the mansion and eventually encounters several obstacles trying to kill her. She eventually gets killed and we find out that she is actually a clone of Alice as her body is dumped into a pit with a lot of other dead Alice bodies. We find out later that the viral outbreak has taken its toll on the world even after Raccoon City was nuked from the face of the Earth. The world is basically now overrun by zombies and surviving people are trying to fight back. In the meantime the culprits being the Umbrella people are hiding underground to protect themselves from the zombie horde. We then cut to Alice riding a motorcycle in the desert as she answers a distress call.

She is ambushed but later kills the people that ambushed her who were also the ones behind the distress call. We then see a caravan of survivors going through the road to head to their next destination. We are then brought to an Umbrella meeting on how they can domesticate the zombies but Dr. Isaacs is having a hard time without the original Alice. Never the less, Albert Wesker gives him a limit or else he would be changed from his position. Meanwhile the caravan was attacked by crows that have been turned into zombies after eating corpses of dead zombies. Alice arrives to help them. She finds out that Carlos has been traveling with this caravan headed by Claire Redfield. Later on, Dr. Isaacs lures Alice to capture her and Alice chases him to his underground lab.

In the final battle, Dr. Isaacs has mutated into something and is trying to kill Alice. Alice kills Dr. Isaacs and discovers an area where there are a lot of Alice clones.  In the Umbrella headquarters in Tokyo, Albert Wesker informs the other Umbrella executives that their lab in the US has fallen. Alice appears through a hologram to Wesker stating the they will be coming for him, they meaning Alice and her clones and the movie ends. Resident Evil Extinction brings something different from the first two movies. The movie pretty much takes place during the day time and it also strays way from the games as the first two movies were based from the videogames specifically Resident Evil 1 and 3. Resident Evil Extinction was completely original but introduced characters from the game namely Claire Redfield and Albert Wesker who would both return for the remaining movies.

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