Prometheus: Alien Begins, Kind Of

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The last movie in the Alien series was Alien Resurrection back in 1997. What seemed to be the last movie in the series turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. It would take another seven years for a movie related to the Alien series to appear and that movie is Prometheus. The movie came in June of 2012 with a budget of $130 million and made over $400 million. Director Ridley Scott was back at the helm. He was the one that directed the first Alien movie so we could expect great things. There are also no returning cast members from the previous Alien movies as Prometheus is a prequel.

The movie begins with a person under a hood. It turns out that this was an alien but not a Xenomorph. He had the physique of a human but had white skin. The alien drank something and slowly itsbody melts down with the residue going down the waterfall. We now head to the year 2089 a group of scientists discover a star map that has similar patterns that they’ve previously discovered. The aging CEO of the Weyland Corporation funds an expedition to find the location of this star map. They believe that it will lead them to the Engineers who are an alien race that propagated humanity. It took them four years to reach their destination but they manage to arrive at an installation which seemingly belonged to the Engineers.

They entered it seeing a couple of cylinders inside. They also see a body of a large creature without a head dead on the floor. They determined that it was one of the Engineers. Upon seeing this we as the audience also learn that the white skinned alien in the beginning was one of the Engineers. The crew inside the installation head out after a storm cancels the expedition temporarily. One of the crew members the android David brings back one of the cylinders to study it. They later find out that Peter Weyland was in stasis and upon further investigation David has found a surviving Engineer that has been in stasis. David brings Weyland to the Engineer to extend his life. The Engineer kills Weyland and decapitates David but being an Android he can still live despite being a head. The surviving members of the crew had to stop the Engineer. They manage to do so but the remaining surviving members are out to live another day.

This little summary doesn’t give the movie its full content so it is still ideal to watch the movie. The movie had some promise but parts of it had some faults to it. It maintained part of the horror elements of Alien and Alien 3 but more of having a mystery. Instead of the focus being on surviving the Engineer’s wrath, the mystery was what everything was. This also led to the confusion and plot holes in the movie. The movie is still good on its merit plus they already announced and revealed a trailer for Alien: Covenant which is a sequel to Prometheus with two of the surviving characters returns for 2017.




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