Predator 2: Hunting In The City

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The first Predator film did well and like most movies, it was going to have a sequel. Predator would have its sequel 3 years later and Predator 2 was released in November of 1990. The movie is a sequel to the 1987 film but none of the characters and Arnold Schwarzenegger would be making a return. The movie had a budget of $35 million and made over $57 million. It didn’t do well as the first movie in terms of making money as well as the content to say the least.

The movie begins in 1997 in the city of Los Angeles with a shootout between members of the Colombian drug cartel taking on the Jamaican drug cartel. We then see a camouflaged Predator viewing the scene. Our main character Lt. Harrigan played by Danny Glover along with his fellow cops Danny and Leona arrives at the scene. They entered the building where the Colombians are hiding to arrest them but they find the bodies hanged upside down with their skins removed. The Predator had already made short work of them. A special agent named Keyes shows up to take care of the crime scene. Harrigan refuses as this is LAPD territory but Keyes blows him off. Later that night, members of the Jamaican drug cartel invade the Colombian drug lord’s penthouse as an act of revenge, the Predator shows up and kills all of them, skinning them alive and hanging them upside down. Harrigan and the other cops show up but are again drive off by Keyes as this is their case to hold. The Predator gains an interest with Harrigan so it follows him.

Harrigan begins to put the pieces together and find out that someone else is killing the drug members and its not them killing each other. The final straw was the death of the Jamaican drug lord King Willie. Harrigan chases the Predator but is stopped once again by Keyes who later reveals to him that this alien creature is the one behind the killings. They try to trap the Predator but it kills most of Keyes men, Harrigan enters the fold for the final battle. Harrigan pursues the Predator for their duel and he successfully kills it. Then we see other Predators arrive taking the dead Predator and gives Harrigan a trophy. The ship later leaves implying that the threat was gone and the movie ends.

Predator 2 took place in the city compared to the first where it happened in the jungle. The Predator’s main goal is to hunt people that are worthy of his skills. We do get a nice little hint of what happened in the first Predator movie when Keyes mentioned that a commando unit once encountered one of these implying that it was a different Predator which it was plus there are a lot of them. There is also a nice Easter Egg when we see the skull of a Xenomorph in the Predator’s ship implying that it takes place in the same universe as the Alien movies but more on that next time. Predator 2 did a bit different when it came to what the movie should be and still placed an emphasis on the Predator as well. There is another Predator movie but that wouldn’t be happening in another 20 years.

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