Power Rangers Turbo

image source: powerranger.wikia.com

image source: powerranger.wikia.com

The fifth season of the Power Rangers series was called Power Rangers Turbo. The series ran from April until November of 1997 running for 45 episodes. The interesting thing is that the end of Power Rangers Zeo, it wasn’t clear as to how it would continue. Before Power Rangers Turbo would air, a prequel movie was announced and released. The title of the movie is Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. Now if you haven’t watched the movie, you’d probably be confused since the Rangers now have new powers and new suits. Speaking of the suits, Power Rangers Turbo uses the footage from Gekisou Sentai Carranger series.

Before we continue with the plot, you maybe confused but the villains and everything else follows up from the movie but we’ll summarize it to the best that we can. Before anything else, we have Justin as the new Blue Ranger taking Rocky’s place. Then of course they are now called as the Turbo Rangers since they no longer use the Zeo Rangers’ powers. The villain is the returning Divatox after her plans were foiled in the movie. Divatox invades Angel Grove but the Turbo Rangers manage to fend her off. The first part of the season continues with the same formula as the previous seasons. We have monsters, conflicts, powers and many more. An interesting change of events is the change of Rangers midway through the season. The remaining Rangers are Tommy, Justin, Adam, Tanya and Kat. These five were replaced halfway through the season with a new group of Rangers but it worked with the story.

The new Rangers are TJ, Carlos, Ashley and Cassie. Justin is the only one that remain goes on to continue. Zordon and Alpha 5 are also changed in this series but after the Rangers have been changed. The Rangers’ new mentor figure is Dimitria and Alpha 6. The rest of the series continues on well but the ending is a bit of a change. Instead of having the happy ending, Divatox manages to defeat the Rangers. The Command Center is destroyed and she flees through space.

The Turbo Rangers hang on a sliver of hope as Justin’s father made a spaceship in which they board to find Divatox. This is where Power Rangers Turbo ends leading to the next season. Power Rangers Turbo brought something new and changed everything that the first four seasons established. This formula of changing cast members and Ranger teams would go on for the rest of the franchise.

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