Power Rangers The Movie

image source: en.wikipedia.org

image source: en.wikipedia.org

The Power Rangers series was really popular back in the early 90’s. It would only be a matter of time that a movie of it would be released. The movie was called Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie or just Power Rangers the Movie. The movie was released back in June of 1995 with a budget of $15 million and made over $66 million. The movie was released after the end of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 2 and before season 3. The movie filled in the gap before season 3 as elements from the movie were shown on season 3.

Our story begins with our Rangers being Tommy, Billy, Rocky, Adam, Kimberly and Aisha doing a charity sky dive. Along with them are resident bullies and Power Ranger mainstays Bulk and Skull. The Rangers land on the spot but Bulk and Skull land on the construction site in comical fashion. After that, Rita and Lord Zedd appears on the site as Ivan Ooze’s containment has been open. Ivan Ooze will act as our main villain in the movie. He traps Rita and Zedd due to their incompetence and Ooze sets off to destroy the Command Center and hinder Zordon in a dying state. The Rangers are unable to morph since Zordon provides them the power that they need. They are sent to the planet Phaedos where they need to get another power source to morph.

In the meantime back on Earth, Ivan Ooze unleashes his plan to control the minds of the parents of the children through an ooze that he sells as toys. Back in Phaedos after some hardships they manage to get this new power called the Ninjetti. Basically they have spirit animals turning them into ninjas which then allows them to morph into the Power Rangers. They now head back to Earth to confront Ivan Ooze. In true Power Ranger fashion, they fight Ivan Ooze which then leads to the climactic Zord battle. The day is saved and everyone goes home happy.

Power Rangers the movie in a blunt way is not a good movie so to speak. It isn’t bad as well but it captures the essence of the show. Think of it as an hour and half minute long episode. It did well enough at that time and simply because people wanted to see the movie. There were some complaints about Ivan Ooze starting off as menacing but his plan was kind of silly in a sense. Then again it is a classic Power Ranger element so it worked for the target market which was of course the kids and the younger ones. This wouldn’t be the only movie under the Power Rangers name though.

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