They Live: Obey Obey Obey

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There are a lot of those conspiracy theorists that say that the government, the media or people behind the scenes are manipulating the world’s events. In fact they say that people are looking at you on a daily basis. One movie would have this kind of element to it but uses aliens instead. The movie we are talking about is They Live. The movie was released in November of 1988 and had a budget of $3 million and made over $13 million. The premise of the movie is that aliens are living among us in disguise as humans. They are the ones controlling and manipulating society to do the norm. The movie stars Roddy Piper a former WWE superstar who has since passed away.

The movie takes place in the modern day. We have our main character John Nada played by Piper who is a your average middle aged man. He is off to his new job as a construction worker. He and his co-worker Frank go to a soup kitchen and passes through a church. There has been several weird activities in the church like the preacher telling people to wake up. After some disturbances, Nada finds out that the church has been demolished although he sees the box the preacher was holding on to. He opens the box and finds a pair of sunglasses inside.

Nada wears the sunglasses and finds out strange things. He sees other people having alien like faces and the signs changing giving out subliminal messages. He later tries to convince Frank of this but they end up fighting until Frank wears the glasses and finds out the truth. Later they both find out that they are fugitives simply because they know the truth. That truth being that aliens have been running the Earth for a long time. Their goal is to suck out all the natural resources until the Earth dies out and move on to another planet.

Nada and Frank along with those that were from the church try to unmask these aliens by destroying the signal that sends out to mask their identities. They head to the television station where a series of battles occur. They manage to destroy the signal and the aliens are revealed to be living among the humans. The interesting part is that just as these aliens were exposed, the movie ends. In terms of the financial gain, They Live just did alright. It didn’t have a high budget to begin with so that’s pretty good. An interesting thing is that They Live was number one on the theaters during its run for two weeks. ┬áThen the move mysteriously got pulled out from theaters across the US. Conspiracy theorists say that the government pulled it off because of the subliminal messages but we’ll leave that in the air.

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