League Of Extra Ordinary Gentleman: The LXG

image source: en.wikipedia.org

image source: en.wikipedia.org

Comic book movies aren’t different especially today where superhero and comic book movies are usually making the big money. In the earlier 2000’s though there were some comic  book movies that didn’t do so well in terms of the reception and slightly in the sales. One comic book movie was The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen or simply called as LXG. The movie was released in July of 2003 with a budget of $78 million and made over $178 million. The movie was based off the comics of the same name. The concept of the movie is that the LXG is made up of different members with different abilities, backgrounds and overall personality. The movie stars Sean Connery as well as a crew of good actors.

LXG takes place in 1899 where an organization called Fantom plans on sparking a world war. The British Empire sends for retired agent Alan Quartermain played by Connery. He isn’t as accepting but after a series of events he agrees to help in stopping Fantom. He is joined by a young US agent named Tom Sawyer as they intend to form a new breed of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Their initial recruits include Captain Nemo who leads a high tech submarine. The league also includes a vampire Mina Harker, the invisible man Rodney Skinner and Mina’s former lover Dorian who turns out to be immortal as well.

Their final recruit was Dr. Jekyll who of course turns into Mr. Hyde. Later on they find out that Fantom plans to bomb the world leader meeting in Venice. Upon finding this out, the LXG head to Venice and they go for a fight. Fantom manages to disrupt the meeting and the League finds out that Dorian has betrayed them. One of the League members being the invisible man manages to infiltrate Fantom in their base in Mongolia. The LXG head to Mongolia for one final fight.

Upon their arrival the battle ensues and basically everyone goes for anything. Mina though settles her score with Dorian after his betrayal. In the final battle, they manage to fend of Fantom but Quartermain is killed and buried back in Kenya. They leave a bit of a cliffhanger where they state that Quartermain could come back to life and then the movie ends. While LXG did well in terms of the financial aspect, the reviews weren’t really that high on the movie. It turns out that a lot of the criticisms stated that it came off as a generic adventure movie with a group of people. The plans for a sequel never came through and interestingly enough this one Sean Connery’s last movie to date before he retired.

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