Hot Fuzz: Big City Cop In A Small Town

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Police work is never easy especially when you’re upholding the law in a big city. Then again we can always watch a movie about it in the most action packed way with a bit of comedy on the side. That is where the movie Hot Fuzz comes in which was released in February of 2007 with a budget of $12 million and made over $80 million. The movie stars Simon Pegg as Sgt Nick Angel and his later on partner Danny Butterman played by Nick Frost.

The movie begins with a little montage of Nick in action. He is then promoted to Sergeant after all of his hardwork and dedication to the police force in the big city. The problem is that the police chief and the rest of the police force thinks that Nick is making them look bad. That is why he has been reassigned to the beautiful village of Sandford outside the big city.

Upon arriving to the village, he performs officer duties right away in a bit of a violent way but gets the job done. Upon meeting the police chief Frank Butterman he tells Nick that the village of Sandford is very peaceful and has won a series of Village of the Year awards. He also tells Nick that there is the Neighborhood Watch Alliance or the NWA to help the police with their work. Nick is later partnered with Danny and they do their police work. The village for the most part is peaceful so Nick is a bit bored and gets adrenaline pumped every time he feels that people are breaking the law.

In the next series of events, there seems to be numerous crimes happening but without proper evidence those crimes are passed off as accidents. Nick becomes suspicious and later finds out that the NWA has been trying to cover up any crimes since they don’t want to lose the award for Village of the Year. Nick has had enough so he gathers up all the guns that he can and along with Danny and the other members of the police force, they attack the other members of the NWA including the police chief. If you like a good action scene then the final sequence of the movie is great in its own way. Hot Fuzz provides a good action packed movie experience so if you want this kind of movie with mindless action and a bit of a mystery to it.

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