Hell’s Kitchen: Infernal Cooking Competition

image source: imdb.com

image source: imdb.com

Hell’s Kitchen is a popular neighborhood in Manhattan, New York. It was once home to working class people back in the 1970’s. The Hell’s Kitchen we are talking about is the popular cooking show hosted by Gordon Ramsay. Ramsay already has a ton of shows under his belt but one of the earliest ones and still running today is Hell’s Kitchen. The show first aired back in 2005 with the latest season being in 2017. Speaking of seasons there are currently 16 of them currently with over 250 episodes. The show is a cooking competition of a very different kind. While the format has been changing there are similar ones over the years.

Hell’s Kitchen as we already stated is hosted by Gordon Ramsay. There would be an equal amount of competitors with usually an equal amount of women and men. The usual number would be 16 but in some seasons it could be more than that. They are then divided into two teams being the Blue and Red. In the later seasons it has been standard that the Blue team is made up of men and the Red team being made up of women. In the very first episode it is always the signature dish challenge where every chef cooks a dish that they think will impress Ramsay.

We’re going to tackle now the typical format of any episode although there could be changes in some or continuation from a previous episode. Aside from episode 1 which has the signature dish challenge, each episode begins with a team challenge. The challenges vary and the team that wins gets a reward and the losing team will have some form of punishment. We then head to the last part of the episode where it is the dinner service. During the dinner service, both teams serve a restaurant full of people. The interesting part of course is that would the chef be able to impress Ramsay.

His outbursts are one of the most fun things to see in the show. After dinner service, there would be a losing team or both teams would lose. They would then nominate people for elimination and by the end of the night, Ramsay would eliminate one chef. Then the process continues until there usually 6 or 5 chefs left where they earn black jackets and it becomes an individual competition. When it lasts down to two people, the winner will become the head chef of a restaurant and $250,000. The show has been successful over the years and has a good following. It is a very intense show of cooking with some fun aspects to it but again it is a cooking competition.

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