Godzilla (1998): Rampaging In New York

image source: en.wikipedia.org

image source: en.wikipedia.org

Godzilla is one of the most popular and iconic giant monsters in cinema history. He originated from Japan when the company Toho made him back in the 1950’s. Godzilla has since been having movies in Japan until today. The formula was simple, Godzilla would fight any other giant monster leaving behind a path of destruction and people loved it. It would only be a matter of time until Hollywood got their hands on it and they did. In 1998, TriStar Pictures released their version of Godzilla with the approval of Toho of course. The movie had a budget of $130 million and made over $379 million. The movie was a commercial success but in terms of the reception, we’ll talk about it later.

The movie stars Matthew Broderick as Nick Tatopoulos who is a nuclear science expert. The movie begins with a flash back when nuclear tests were done in French Polynesia. It is believed that one of the lizards in the island mutated into something. Years later we see a fishing boat off the South Pacific which is seemingly attacked by something. We later find out that the sole surviving Japanese fisherman mumbled something called Gojira. We then head to New York during the rainy season where we see a port with more fisherman. Suddenly Godzilla comes out of the water and invades the city although doesn’t really destroy it through its malevolence.

The army is sent in and along with Nick as an adviser as to what this creature might be. Their initial encounter provoked Godzilla to cause millions of damage before it retreated back underground again. Nick believes that Godzilla had laid eggs beneath the city and it has been gathering food for when the babies will be born. He gets removed from the assignment due to a leak of information with him being the caused although it was actually through his friend Audrey. Nick is later kidnapped by the French secret service headed by Philippe. The two agree to search the tunnels underground to see where this nest might be.

Nick along with Philippe and a few men from the French secret service along with Audrey venture into the deeps. They find out that Godzilla has indeed laid eggs. Even after Godzilla had been eradicated by the army, the eggs hatch and little Godzillas pop out. The army steps in and manages to land an air strike killing all the eggs and of course the usual happy ending happens. Unfortunately the reception is anything but happy at least not majority. The general reception to the movie just bad. People say that the 1998 movie isn’t as faithful to the original source material. That’s not to say that Godzilla doesn’t have its encounters with the army but clashing with another monster could have helped. Plus Godzilla’s design was also bad to a lot of people as it looked skinny and the egg laying plot part came off weird. That being said the first attempt was just fine although it would take 16 years for another Godzilla film to be made in Hollywood.

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