Galaxy Quest: Actors Become Real

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Star Trek is one of the most popular TV shows of all time. It centers around science fiction and adventures in space while maintaining slices of life. A running stereotype of the fans being dubbed as Trekkies is that they always go all out whenever there is a big Star Trek convention around. While there have been numerous Star Trek movies over the years, one movie would be made as a tribute to the science fiction show. The movie we are talking about is Galaxy Quest which was released in 1999 with a budget of $45 million and made over $90 million. The movie has notable stars like Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver and Alan Rickman. This movie is dubbed as a comedy and science fiction one.

The movie centers around a TV show called Galaxy Quest. The show in the movie has since ended years ago and the stars have become a bit irrelevant. They usually make appearances during conventions or when they are hired for some promotional activities. The only one seemingly doing well is Jayson Nesmith played by Tim Allen. The other cast members kind of have a resentment to Jayson since he usually gets all the money roles and other opportunities. In one of their conventions, Jayson encounters a group of aliens called Thermians with their leader Mathesar. Jayson passes them off as fans but later realizes that they were the real deal as he came on board of their space ship.

Jayson later tells the other cast members about what happened and luckily they got to get on board the space ship as well. In turns out that the Thermians are being hunted down by an alien warlord named Sarris. The other members of the cast want to go back to Earth but their ship gets shot down and they have to find a way to get the power back up. They have a little adventure in space but it ends up a disaster as Sarris boards their ship and takes them captive. In the climactic battle they manage to get it together and beat Sarris.

The next problem is crash landing on Earth so they have to rely on their fans to help them do it. The movie ends with the typical happy ending and the show Galaxy Quest is apparently back on air. The movie itself is interesting and fun to watch. It is a comedy first and foremost so don’t go looking for logic even though science fiction is a part of the movie. In fact, the Thermians create everything based on the show so that alone is a big leap of realism out the window. Regardless, the movie is still a treat to watch and apparently cast members of Star Trek loved it when they initially hated it at first.

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