The Ending Of Bleach Controversy


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Bleach is one of the most popular manga and anime series during its run. The manga had made a lot of sales and made it to the top 10 high selling manga back in the early to mid 2000’s. This of course brought the anime series which aired from 2004 until 2012 running for 366 episodes. The manga itself came from 2001 until 20016. The interesting thing is that the date that the manga first came was August 20 and the date it ended was August 22 and it was a splendid 15 years. There wasn’t much of an issue with the anime ending other than the part that it did end. The manga ending was a bit controversial in a way. If you haven’t read about the manga’s ending then be warned that there will be spoilers ahead although we’re not going to be having them a lot. Plus we’re just going to dive into some reasons as to why the manga ended in the first place.

In terms of the ending, it was somewhat bad from a story telling aspect. The reason for that is because the series was rushed beyond belief. There were a lot of information that were never revealed and other important details. A lot of character Bankais were never shown and a lot of stories were rushed. There was also that time skip at the end which was somewhat necessary. Then the part where the character relationships got revealed was when a lot of fans lost it. The pairing ended up being Ichigo and Orihime so the Ichigo and Rukia shippers were not pleased with this outcome. Story was indeed a mess when the series ended but there were other factors to why the series ended.

One reason why the manga ended was because of poor sales. Bleach was good but the manga’s sales has been declining over the years. It failed to reach the top 10’s since the 2010’s hence the anime was cancelled in 2012. The author Tite Kubo also had health problems during this time period. That was also the reason to the declining quality of the manga around that time. Bleach is one of those series that was really strong. It hit a wall in the middle but recovered well through the manga and it dropped again as the series was being rushed to be ended. It is a bit of a shame that this once popular series has since faded into obscurity. There is still hope though should they choose to animate the last arc of the series or just make some ¬†OVAs to give Bleach a proper send off in the anime world.

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