Demolition Man: Frozen Through Time

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The police usually have a hard job to deal with. They can deal with trouble and sometimes even their lives are on the line. There are also those down times which is good but when push comes to shove it could be a problem. Luckily the real life police doesn’t have to deal with someone like Simon Phoenix or maybe there is one. Simon Phoenix is a character from the movie Demolition Man. The movie was released in October of 1993. The movie stars Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes with the latter being Phoenix. The movie is a classic cheesy 90’s action movie. It had a budget of $57 million and made over $139 million.

The movie takes place in 1996 where renowned criminal Simon Phoenix has captured hostages in a building and has placed explosives around it. Police officer John Spartan played by Stallone comes to try and save the day. It turns out these two are arch rivals and a battle ensues. Spartan manages to capture Phoenix but the hostages were killed in the process. Both were imprisoned in a cryogenic state where they would be unfrozen years later once they serve their sentence. Years later a great earthquake nearly ended the world and destroyed a large part of Los Angeles. However the people managed to get on by and build a new society where violence isn’t around as much. The area is now called San Angeles and a new society has taken place.

In 2010, Simon Phoenix is thawed out to read out his sentence. Being violent that he is ends up escaping and killing a few people along the way. The police are unable to deal with Phoenix hence they thaw out John Spartan to help them capture Phoenix back. The first half of the movie has Spartan deal with adjusting with the new peaceful life. In the latter part is where  the action pretty much happens. We find out that the leader of San Angeles Doctor Cocteau was behind the escape of Phoenix.

Unfortunately Phoenix isn’t as appreciative and kills off the doctor. In the final battle of the movie, Phoenix’s gang fights with Spartan’s people. Naturally Spartan wins and kills off Phoenix. The movie ends with your typical happy ending or something like that. Demolition Man is probably based on either one of them. Spartan and Phoenix are both destructive in their personalities and would destroy anything just to get the objective done. It does have its typical 90’s cheese and Stallone and Snipes’ one liners really make it better. It is an action movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

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