Commando: A Manly Movie

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The term commando is given to a soldier that has specialties in assault, command and many more. They are like the elite of the crop and sounds perfect for a good movie. A movie called Commando was released in October of 1985. The movie had a budget of $10 million and made over $57 million. It also stars Arnold Schwarzenegger who at the time was a rising action star and this was one of those movies that gave him a stamp in the industry. People even say that this is one of the manliest movies around and just oozes with 80’s cheesiness.

Arnold plays retired Colonel John Matrix living in the mountains with his daughter Jenny. His former superior General Kirby informs him that members of his former unit were slowly getting killed off. Kirby believes that he is also a target so he leaves two of his soldiers to protect Matrix. Surprisingly later on, Matrix is attacked by mercenaries. The soldiers were killed and his daughter was taken away and later he was captured as well. Matrix finds out that one his former squad members Bennett is working for the person behind the killings of the other members. The man behind it all is named Arius who is a South American extremist who plans to overthrow their current political leader.

Matrix is forced to do his bidding because his daughter’s life is on the line. However Matrix decides not to do it and goes after Arius. In order to do that he has to go some of Arius’ men who knows where his location is. In this part of the movie is where the action is heavily emphasized. A lot of over the top action and cheesy one liners happen here and this is like the best parts of the movie. In the final battle, Matrix enters full commando mode.

He is a one man army storming into Arius’ hideout. In the final battle he kills off Bennett, he kills off Arius and takes back Jenny like the badass that he is. Commando is one of those movies that aren’t really good but just comes out as such. There’s nothing special about it and it is your typical action movie. Arnold’s one liners are always on point which adds to the fun and that of course is one of the strengths of the movie. It is a cult classic and is still fun to watch even by today.

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