Batteries Not Included: Robots Giving Birth

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Robots are of course mechanical creations that are made from metal. Normally they are non-sentient beings as they are just programmed to do what they need to do. Then of course robots are made, manufactured and created not born or are they? Well they aren’t born but one movie would bring this kind of twist and it was called Batteries Not Included. The movie was released in December of 1987 with a budget of $25 million and made over $65 million. Originally this was supposed to be a TV series with minimal episodes. However producer Steven Spielberg decided to make it into a full length movie.

The movie takes place sometime in the late 80’s. An elderly couple Frank and Faye run an apartment and diner in one of the most run down neighborhoods in New York. The couple and their tenants are being bribed to leave since it is only their building left in a development project by a large company. A hooligan named Carlos is the one doing the dirty work for the company as he destroys part of the apartment and trashes the diner to make the people leave. Frank and Faye still remains along with three remaining tenants. In terms of our tenants we have Mason a struggling artist, Marisa a pregnant single mother and Harry a former boxer turned handyman.

Life seems bleak for the people at the apartment until the arrival of two strange flying robots in the form of small flying saucers. These two repair everything that was broken in the apartment and diner. In the morning they find out the existence of these things and call em Fix-its since they fixed things. Later on the female Fix-it gave birth to three other Fix-its but one of them is seemingly dead. The Fix-its later live alongside the tenants but the company’s lead developer Lacey is getting impatient with Carlos’ attempts to evict the people. This leads Lacey to send one of his men to burn down the apartment.

The apartment is burned down in the end of the movie but the Fix-its return with a lot of other Fix-its. In the end of the movie, the people are astonished to see that the apartment is back to normal and looking brand new. Frank and Faye are happy about this and the apartment just remains there while the other buildings around it look bigger. Batteries Not Included is a good movie on its own. It has elements of life, science fiction, romance, a little bit of comedy and others. One could say that it is a good family movie and the special effects were really good for the time.

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