AVGN The Movie: Worst Game, Great Story

image source: en.wikipedia.org

image source: en.wikipedia.org

The Angry Videogame Nerd or AVGN is a popular internet celebrity. Back in the mid to late 2000’s he was one of the pioneers when it came to making online video content for entertainment purposes. His theme is that he reviews old and classic videogames. The videogames he reviews are mostly bad and he does it in way that he is angry. There are some simple videos and there are those that have some flashy special effects. AVGN has garnered a following over the years with his videos and it was only a matter of time that a movie would be made. The movie was made and funded by fans and had a budget of $300,000. The movie was released in 2014 with James Rolfe playing his character as the AVGN.

The movie takes place in modern day US and apparently the AVGN is a real person in the movie at least. He works at a videogame store and he finds out that there are people trying to make ET 2 or titled as Eee Tee. Just a little background, the ET game for the Atari 2600 and is dubbed as the worst game in existence. It failed so bad that millions of unsold copies were buried in a landfill located in the Alamogordo New Mexico. Now his fans in the movie wants him to review the upcoming Eee Tee game but he doesn’t want to do it because it means he has to review the ET game.

After some convincing, the AVGN agrees to do it but they need to prove that the landfill has these games. AVGN travels with his friend Cooper and their sponsor Mandi. Their attempt to dig up the landfill led to them being chased by the military. The three end up in the house of Dr. Zandor who tells them that the ET games contained parts of the alien spaceship that landed long ago. In a twist of fate the AVGN decides to prove that all of these things are fake. After another scene at the landfill, AVGN and Cooper heads to the place where the alien is seemingly being held captive. When the AVGN successfully infiltrates the base, he meets the alien who is now trying to save the world from an entity called Death Mwauthzyx.

It becomes a race against time and after Death Mwauthzyx has been terrorizing Japan, they manage to fend it off. In the end of the movie, the alien rebuilds his spaceship and the AVGN does a review of the ET game in a classic AVGN type episode. If you’re not a fan of the AVGN then this movie may catch you off guard. It is a bizarre movie to begin with and it doesn’t make a lot of sense if you don’t follow the series to begin with. Plus don’t expect this movie to have high end quality as it is just made with the help of funding through the fans but that’s not to say that the visuals are bad. If you are a fan of weird kind of movies then this one can suit your needs.


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